tell me please


Anonymous said…
have you asked him ?
if you never ask, you will never get the answer

*serious shit the pic is beautiful, can feel the sad aura coming out of the pic...
no , i'm afraid to ask him .

*thank you :')
Anonymous said…
be brave n go for it...
or else you will regret it later in your life...
i have ask him for once . 3 weeks ago . he just said , he not ready for love . his suggestion , we just friend . not more than that . but in this 3 weeks , i feel like . errghh . dunno -.-''
Anonymous said…
feel like ????
feel like been loved ???
yeahh , feel like that . but at the same time , i just thought he also treat me just like other girls :')
Anonymous said…
he treats you like he loves you,
he treats you just like he treats other girls
means, he treats all the girls like he loves them ???

false hope... hahaha
hahaha . never mind . i dont give so much
Anonymous said…
false hope is painful though

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