the moment

the moment when you meet someone and you never thought that you will fall for him.

the moment when you had ignore someone for a moment and now you think you had fall for him.

the moment when you think how you can get his eyes his heart his ears on you.

the moment when you keep texting untill you didnt realiza you have an ugly smile on your face.

the moment when once you on call with him then you want it again and over again.

the moment when you fall for his voice and you want to keep listen to his voice.

the moment when you think you want him to be your soulmate.

the moment when you yourself didnt sure bout your feeling even after you type all of this thingsss.

the moment when you are very shame to tell your friend that he is your favorite man for now.

the moment when you think actually he never have a feel for you. even an atom ?

the moment when after you realize you are share the feel with you yourself.

then you should keep the feeling until Allah decide the best time, the best place and the best person for you future.

please. just keep praying !

dear Allah, if he is the one who will be my soulmate in my future, please. Please let our heart close to each other and let us share the same feeling. ameenn.


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